Common Types Of Hunting Knives


When you are interested in hunting, it goes without saying that you need a high-quality hunting knife, which are widely available on the market today. When it comes to hunting, it is given that the chances are high that hunter will also be hunting for large animals. For this reason, it is always ideals to opt for a reliable hunting knife. In addition, we cannot deny the fact that as a hunter, we all want to own the sharpest hunting knife in the world. However, prior to making a decision on which hunting knife to buy, it is advisable to learn the basics of hunting knives. In this article, let us focus on the most common types of hunting knives.


Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are compact and thus can be folded and used for many tasks related to hunting like skinning and gutting the game. Apart from that, pocketknives can be utilized for cutting ropes and branches from trees. In addition, some pocket knives sold in the market contain some tools like scissors, corkscrews and bottle openers.

Folding Knives

As their name suggests, these knives can be folded when not in use because they are very compact. They are of benefit to the user because they keep you safe. In addition, folding knives are lighter and easier to be carried around. Moreover, these knives frequently contain different types of blades that are used for specific functions.

Fixed Blade Knives

SADASDFixed blade knives are among the most popular type of hunting knives because of its simplicity and sturdiness. The blades of these knives stretch up to the handle, and for this reason, it can serve you for a long time than the folding knives. These knives are also easy to clean and can be used to hunt any game but are specially used for hunting large animals. In addition, fixed blade knives can put in a sheath that can be attached to a belt.

Lock-Back Folding Knives

Lock-back folding knives are small and versatile pocket knives, which have a type of locking that holds the blades in place while open. The locking action of this knife prevents the knife from closing when the user is skinning and gutting the game. This knife is therefore safe for use by hunters.

There are many sharp knives in the market today; it is upon you to pick one that meets your needs and apart from that, choose a knife that will protect you from possible injuries. At times hunters need more than one knife during their hunting, therefore, make sure you choose the best. For regular hunters, the best knives for them are the durable fixed blade knives while the occasional hunters, folding knives will meet their needs.